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Tips for Your Bridal Trial

Six Tips On How to Prep Your Hair for Your Bridal Trial


1. Create a realistic mood board 

Save your images on Pinterest or on your phone. We suggest looking at styles that are your same hair color, have similar density and length. 


2. Arrive with clean hair!

Have you heard the statement "old hair holds better"? I think if we're all being honest, we would agree we've heard that phrase a time or two. That is a myth! Thanks to amazing product companies, we now have products we can apply to add grit, texture, etc. on an as needed basis. Hair weighted down with heavy oils does not hold your style any better.


3. Apply NO Heat - with the exception of a blow dryer!

Using additional heat such as a flat iron prevents the hold of any curls or heat needing to be used for your hair style. So don't flat iron, curl, hot roll etc. your hair prior to your appointment.


4. Real Talk on Extensions

Talk with your stylist about your hairstyle mood board and ask their opinion on if extensions are necessary for your style preference. If you do need extensions - remember :: you need to purchase 100% human hair, synthetic hair will not allow the use of heat.


5. Hair Accessories

Don't forget to bring any hairpiece you wish to wear on your wedding day. This would be your veil, hair comb, etc. This allows you to have a visual of the complete style. Most stylist would agree if you're opting for fresh flowers for your accessory it is unnecessary to bring it to the trial.


6. Wear a White Top

You may be wondering why this is important. Wearing a white shirt will offer the closes resemblance to your wedding day dress. It will allow you to see your hair and makeup against the correct color palette. If your makeup trial is not scheduled the same day, wear makeup to your appointment to get the full "ah ha" feeling.

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