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Bridal Contract & Booking Details

Booking Details

  • All weddings require a signed "Bridal Agreement/Contract" and a 10% deposit based on the total of all services. This is non refundable. Wedding dates are not booked unless BOTH are complete.

  • The final headcount for your bridal party is required 90 days from the date of your wedding. Bride will be responsible for payment of any person cancelling.


  • Travel fee is $25 per stylist for 30 mins of travel. Example: 60 mins of travel = $50 per stylist.

  • Clean dry hair is required (may be washed the day before) No flat iron please (unless otherwise decided by stylist)


Bridal Party Minimums

  • ​We require a minimum of 5 people per bridal party for all services

    • This includes the bride plus up to 4 bridesmaids 

    • This amount does not include a bridal trial.

Holiday Booking Fee


We are always grateful to be apart of your special day and that sometimes means spending select holidays away from our families. If your wedding day falls on one of these holidays, there is a NON-REFUNDABLE holiday booking fee of $50.00 in addition to the regular booking retainer fee.


  • Mothers Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Fathers Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • New Year's Eve

  • New Year's Day


We do not book any weddings on: 

Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day


Gratuity is not included in our prices and it is greatly appreciated! Our stylists would gladly accept cash or you may add it to the credit card payment. A gratuity scale for the beauty industry: 15-20%.


  • We require a minimum of 90 days advanced notice of cancellation of services. In the event that the event/wedding is cancelled less than 90 days prior to the scheduled event, your 10% deposit will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to another bridal party, service, or a future event.

  • In the event, the event/wedding is cancelled within 60 days of your scheduled event, you will be held responsible for 50% of the cost of the booked service(s). The credit card provided in the bridal contract is subject to that charge if payment has not been remitted.

  • Please note: the bride is responsible for payment of any person in the wedding party cancelling within 90 days from the wedding.

  • The bride is responsible for the full payment amount due based on the total number of people scheduled for services.  (For example: if the bride confirms 10 people are scheduled for service and only 7 show up, the bride is contractually obligated to pay for the confirmed party members even if they are not in attendance.)


Frequently Asked Questions


​Booking Questions​​

  • Question: What is required of me to book?

    • Answer: We require our Brides to complete a bridal contract and pay a non-refundable 10% deposit based on the total services. All terms are written in the contract.​

  • Question: How far in advanced should I book my trial?

    • Answer: We suggest 3-6 months out from your wedding date.  

  • Question: Do I have to give you the total head count for service when I book?

    • Answer: No, we request an estimate and then the "final" total no less than 90 days from your wedding date. *Just keep in mind our minimums.

  • Question: When do you collect the wedding day balance?

    • Answer: On the day of the wedding all balances are due. If someone cancels within 90 days the bride will be responsible for that persons' payment.

  • Question: Are there any additional fees not included in the cost?

    • Answer: The only additional fees you could be subject to are;

      • Travel fee is $25 per stylist for 30 mins of travel. Example: 60 mins of travel = $50 per stylist.

      • Early set up fee if prior to 7:30 a.m $25. That is not subject to each individual.

      • Relocation fee: $50 is applicable when Hair we go Weddings team has to move from one location to another before booked services are complete. Example: Starting services at hotel, but relocating to venue to complete services. 

      • Extension Placement Fee of $25.00 applies if clip-in extensions are requested to be added to the style. Extensions must be provided by the client and must be 100% human hair. 

      • Parking fee, tolls, valet where applicable

      • Holiday Booking Fee (see above)  


  • Question: Is there a minimum to book?


  • Question: What if I do not have venue access until 2 hours prior to my wedding, will you start services at our Hotel and complete services at our Venue?

    • Answer: This is a case by case situation. In short, yes, depending on the scheduled time to be ready we may have to begin services at a different location other than your venue. Transferring to a separate location mid-timeline is subject to a $50.00 relocation fee. ​

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