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Wedding Day Planning

10 Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Must Know

At Hair We Go Weddings, we understand that saying yes to the dress is just the beginning of bringing your wedding vision to life.

Planning your wedding look is as crucial as planning the event itself. Thanks to Pinterest, finding hairstyle inspiration is easy, but what about those hidden tips no one talks about? We've put together these essential tips every bride should know for achieving the wedding hair of their dreams and a stress-free day getting ready with your bridal party.

1. Choosing the Right Wedding Hairstyle

Consider your dress, the weather, your hair length, and whether you'll be wearing a veil. Your hairstyle should complement your dress and personal style. Consult with your hairstylist to choose a look that suits you for your special day.

2. Trial Run Ahead of Time

A trial run with your hairstylist is crucial. Address potential issues like securing your hair all day, achieving volume, and ensuring the style suits your texture and face shape. Don't wait until the last minute to avoid unnecessary stress.

3. Visual References for Your Hairstylist

Provide 3-5 visual references to your hairstylist to avoid miscommunications. Too many images may complicate the process. Your hairstylist can guide you and show you different styles during the trial. If your heart is set on a very specific style, be open minded and provide what is needed in order to achieve that specific look.

4. Avoid Drastic Changes Before the Wedding

Don't get a drastic haircut or color right before your wedding. Plan a small trim a few weeks before for healthy-looking hair. Keep your hair nourished with regular treatments leading up to the big day.

5. Be True to Yourself

Your wedding day is about you. Choose a hairstyle that makes you feel happy, beautiful, and comfortable. Consider your personal style and what will work for you throughout the day.  Please do not ask to replicate a style with exactitude.  We can make similar styles, but an exact replica may not work with your hair length, type or facial features.

6. Prep Your Hair the Day Before

Follow your stylist's advice on prepping your hair. Clean, washed and dried hair is best! Never flat iron your hair before styling. Discuss preparations with your stylist during the trial.

7. Pack an Emergency Hair Kit

Inquire about the products your stylist will use and purchase travel-sized versions for touch-ups. Pack bobby pins, hair ties, a brush, dry shampoo, and hairspray for emergencies.

8. Steam Your Wedding Dress

Ensure your wedding dress looks pristine by steaming it before the big day. Wrinkles can be distracting in photos, so a well-pressed dress will enhance your overall look.

9. Arrive in the Room Early

Ease pre-ceremony stress by arriving in your preparation room before your scheduled time. This extra time allows you to relax, enjoy the moment, and ensures a smooth and unhurried start to your special day.

10. Schedule Food Order and Delivery in Advance

Avoid hunger-induced stress by planning and scheduling your food order and delivery before the wedding day. Ensure you and your bridal party have a delicious and energizing meal, allowing you to focus on the festivities ahead.

Planning ahead and collaborating with your hairstylist will ensure you achieve the perfect wedding hair. Remember, it's your day, and your hairstyle should reflect your unique style and personality. We look forward to creating your special look!

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